Late & Cancellation Policy
The therapists at A Soothing Touch are very flexible and able to adjust to your busy schedule and lifestyle. However because our therapists reserve this time only for the client, it is only fair to expect our clients to be present in a timely manner. If there is an unforeseen event that occurs and the client needs to cancel we request that the client cancels 24 hours prior to the appointment. Here at A Soothing Touch it is our promise to deliver a relaxing and amazing massage experience to all our clients and request that our clients follow our adopted policies.
Late Policy
If the client arrives late, the appointment will start promptly and the session will end at the original time intended for. However if the therapist does not have any other sessions for the day he/she may accommodate for the time that was lost. If there are other appointments scheduled for the day your session will end at the original time and you will be charge for the full amount.
Cancellation Policy
We understand that unexpected events occur in everyone's life. Our therapists' request that if a client needs to cancel a session please cancel 24 hours ahead of time. There will be no charges will if the client cancels 24 hours in advance. If the client decides to cancel within less than 24 hours the client will be charged the full amount for the session.
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