Difference between Shiatsu and Standard Massages

Many people have found that massages are the cure to what is ailing them. Stressed business professionals, professional sports athletes, and rock stars all have been known to desire massages. When everyday life gets to be a little too much, many people feel that a proper massage will be the one thing to balance them out again. Swedish massages are well-known to be a respite from the every trials and tribulations that people are faced with. What they may not know is that there are different types of massages for just about anything. In fact, another leading type of massage is called the Shiatsu Massage and it is based upon acupuncture!

The difference between Shiatsu and Standard massages is that they both use different methods to basically get the same relaxing result. The Shiatsu massage is based upon the belief of “Qi” (or “Chee”) as a means of restoring the imbalances in the body that cause illness and sickness. Correcting this Qi is what the process of Shiatsu massages aim to accomplish. Using fingertips on certain sensitive acupuncture points on the body versus continuous palm pressure all over the body, Shiatsu massages have seen a rise in popularity over the last few years due to their effectiveness. Many people have sung Shiatsu’s praises, saying that it is as relaxing as other forms of massage therapy. This directly relates to acupuncture as a means of treatment for various issues. The only thing that keeps people from experiencing the greatness of Shiatsu, is the fact that many don’t know about it. It is very much less personal than a traditional massage, as no clothing needs to be removed at all. If you think that a Shiatsu massage is what you need, then talk to your therapist about it the next time you go to a massage.

There are many wonderful ways to overcome some of the most stressful and worst times in our lives. A great way to overcome this is by taking the time to relax and get a massage done. What many people don’t realize though, is that there is more than one type of massage that they can have done, many of which have different techniques and pertain to different parts of the body. If you don’t know, a Shiatsu is one of the most interesting and innovative ways to get your stress relieved and feel great.

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