Massage Therapy Helps Alleviate Lower Back Pain

Massage therapy can be of various types and it can be instrumentally effective in alleviating lower back pain. Prior to delving into how massage therapy can reduce lower back pain and eventually also cure it, it is necessary to understand why lower back pain is such a common occurrence among adults. Unless one is into a lifestyle that requires healthy exercises, physical movements and the likes, the lower back hardly gets to move much during the day or night. Whether you are driving a car, sitting on your couch watching your favorite movie or having a two hour long meeting in the board room, every situation and the respective posture allows stagnancy of the muscles in the lower back region.

Now, typically the muscles in the lower back do not get enough blood supply which also reduces the supply of optimum oxygen. Consequentially, lactic acid is produced which causes soreness of the muscles. As a result, one suffers from lower back pain, muscle fatigue, troubles with muscle movement and the list can get extensively long.

Massage therapy helps to reduce lower back pain because, first, it enhances blood circulation to the area which increases the oxygen supply. Massage therapy can also ease out the muscles and they can now cater to a wide range of motion that was hitherto a problem. Neuromuscular massage therapy, a common type used to alleviate lower back pain uses various trigger points and pressures to alleviate lower back pain. In the process, endorphins are secreted by the body. These chemicals help you to feel good by lowering the pain after a massage therapy.

Now, massage therapy is not an overnight relief provider. You are bound to feel much better after a session but to get completely rid of the lower back pain problem a course of four to six weeks is advisable.

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