Difference between single and couples massages

A massage is relaxing, soothing, calming for your whole body. You can get relief for those tight muscles. Studies show that having a massage can boost the immune system. Massages can be a tool for effective health control. What are the differences in singles massage and couples massage? What types of massage are available for each type?

Singles massage

As the name implies, this type of massage is for only one person at a time. The therapist will ask about any painful areas, what types of exercises you do and your medical conditions. You will be taken to a room with a table and given a towel or sheet to cover you. Soft music plays to begin the soothing process. Other benefits of having a massage are that your blood pressure will decrease, your circulation will increase, sore and tired muscles will relax, mental and physical fatigue reduced, range of motion will improve and it will improve your sleep. Besides that, it feels good and it is something that each individual should do for himself or herself occasionally. Some spa treatments may include a session in a hot tub, sauna or Jacuzzi. Manicure, facials, reflexology - that is a massage on the pressure points to relieve tension in certain areas of the body - and hot stone therapy are offered.

Couples massage

This is one of the fastest growing areas in massage therapy. It is designed to bring two people together in a shared experience. Two massage therapists will be available to the couple. With two massage tables, the therapists can give both people a massage at the same time. The benefits are many. If someone is uncomfortable with the near nudity of having a massage, there will be less anxiety on their part if someone they know is with them during the process. In addition, if there are tensions between the couple, these can be relieved by having massage therapy together. Amenities can be included, such as having a facial, mud treatments, pedicure or manicure and even drinking a glass of wine. The goal is to relax you. Any type of massage therapy can be applied to the couple. These massage types can include: Deep tissue, head and foot massage, Swedish massage, hot stone or aroma-therapy along with the massage. Woman or man, massage therapy is good for you and feels good to you.

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