Chair Massages Versus Table Massages

Massage therapy has always been a popular form of relaxation and rehabilitation. For thousands of years, the art of massage has been practiced as a way to relax and repair muscles. Some also consider it the best way to detox the body tissues, by releasing the toxins that build from tension. This means that the person receiving the massage should drink a lot of water, to help the body flush these released toxins. Not doing so could result in feeling ill over several days.

Getting regular massages will help with flexibility, over all health and well-being and can even help with some medical issues. There are several types of massages available. The two most well-known are probably chair massages (which you may often see in the malls) and table massages. The basic differences are simple. If you are predominantly needing relief for the neck and shoulders, a chair massage is designed for this. The back, neck and shoulders are treated and the scalp can also be done, was with a head massage. This is incredibly relieving to headache sufferers who suffer from tension headaches.

During a table massage, the entire body is treated. Typically relaxing massage starts with the neck and shoulders, but the legs, back, arms, head, neck and shoulders are all given focus during a table massage. This is considered a more in-depth and therapeutic massage therapy. A chair massage is more focused on provide a quick relaxation and boost to your energy for the rest of the day. This is perhaps why these massage therapists are often found giving chair massages in the mall, particularly during the holidays. This is a fantastic, quick stress reliever that can relieve tension and holiday shopping stress. They are also quite popular as treats in offices and call centers. Employees can enjoy a fast, 15 minute or less massage right at their own desk. This leaves them invigorated and ready to face the rest of the work day. Employers have started to add massage therapy visits as part of the work routine because they are seeing an improvement in productivity.

Choosing the massage that you want or need simply depends upon the level of pampering that you want or need. A table massage is going to cost $50 or more. You will be given anywhere from 1/2 an hour to a full hour of massage. The rates and price vary depending upon region and the exact type of massage.
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