Benefits of Massage Therapy

While a relaxing and enjoyable experience, most who receive massage therapy do not realize the various benefits they receive from the practice. Studies show not only physical but also emotional benefits to receiving massage therapy.


The most common benefit of massage therapy is stress relief. A quality session of massage therapy can help lower a participantís heart rate, cortisol levels, and even offer some minor correction to insulin levels. Each of these being out of balance can have a notable negative effect on the body.


Through working areas of muscle in a rhythmic fashion, a massage therapist can increase circulation in those areas by reducing tightening and reducing congestion. This can increase the flow of blood through the body, replenishing the blood supply in these areas.

Reduce Cramping:

While many know that a lack of potassium and magnesium are common culprits in muscle spasm and cramping, a more common factor can be muscle strain through overuse. Massage therapy targeted at these areas can reduce the amount of strain on the targeted muscle group, greatly reducing the likelihood of cramping in these areas.

Reduction of Edema:

Surgery and injury cause the body to produce scar tissue. When this tissue builds up, it can not only be uncomfortable or painful, but it can also limit muscle movement in these areas. Massage therapy can help both reduce the amount of scare tissue the body produces in the affected areas, but also realign scar tissue already present.

Help Immune System:

The Lymphoid system is the bodyís natural defense against toxins. By stimulating the areas around lymph nodes, the massage therapist is able to increase the flow of this system. This increases the production of cells the body uses to fight off disease in toxins. Therapeutic massage is often used by breast cancer patients for precisely this reason.

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